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How do I reshape my Miso Pup Mesh Carrier?

Reshaping the Miso Pup Mesh Carrier is easy.

Due to the nature of the carrier’s material, the bag will need to be reshaped from time to time. In cold climates the Mesh carrier will be stiffer and in warmer climates, the faux leather will soften. For shipping purposes, the carrier will be folded when it arrives and the bag will often have wrinkles and creases.

Don’t worry, in time and with use, the bag will return to its original shape. To return the carrier to its original shape, try these helpful tips:

1. Place the carrier in a warm place, out of direct sunlight, and allow the carrier to reshape itself.
2. Allow you pup to get in the carrier, their weight and warmth will help the carrier and your pup settle in.
3. Using a hair dryer, blow medium heat over the area – in 60 second increments.
4. Pop it in the Dryer, place the Mesh bag the included dust bag and along with some towels, normal settings (medium heat), for 60 second increments.

Pass a hand over the wrinkles to smooth them out as much as possible and pinch or fold the edges & corners to help reform the structure as it cools. For difficult areas, like the bottom of bag, gently push out the crease. Repeat in 60 second increments, until the winkles and creases have been minimized or disappears. Attaching the Mesh bag to a “Shell” tote, will also help return the bag to its shape, as it cools to normal room temperature. Please note that the Mesh bag will correct it’s self in time and with use.

Please note, Damage may occur if exposed to extreme heat for periods of more than one minute. As a reminder, please keep the carrier away from high heat, open flames, as they are made with plastic and are highly flammable. Also, please use caution as the bag and metal hardware may be get extremely hot if exposed to heat.