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$100,000 to Clone Your Dog

We know that your PupSize dog is priceless, but would you pay $100,000 USD (£64,000) to clone your dog ?

Since 2006, a  biotech lab in South Korea called Sooam has been offering dog cloning services. Sure, the idea of having an identical twin of your pup sounds great, but would you really clone your dog ? There are many so many ethical, medical and moral issues concerning the issue of cloning anything, from dogs to knock off designer handbags.

The Cost and Risk of Cloning a Dog

According to our research, your PupSize dog’s DNA can be preserved and cloned, in South Korea for a cost of $100,000 USD,  within 5 days of their passing or while your dog is still alive. The cloning process take 6 months and the procedure is not without risks to your dog…and our world.  Many dogs that are cloned may be born unhealthy and the cloning process is repeated until a healthy dog is produced- whereby Sooam claims they never puts a dog down.

Would You Clone Your Dog? 

Again, the idea of having my sweet, little Abigail Grace cloned sounds great. She is my baby, my constant faithful companion and fills my heart with so much love. I believe that a dog’s personality, like a person’s attitude and outlook, are shaped by their experiences, surroundings and their loved ones. We are our past and have the ability to create our future, but I believe people and our PupSize dogs,  enter and exit our lives for a reason and time with our loved ones should be treasured, are irreplaceable and not to be cloned. 

In today’s world, everything seems so disposable and respect for others and time spent just living in the present- sometimes feels like a thing of the past. I totally understand why one would want to clone their dog and would never judge someone for loving their dog so much that they would want to clone their pup. I know that dogs are amazing, people can be amazing and advancements in science, for medical uses are absolutely amazing.  But I also know that there are millions of dogs and humans in the world, that can be amazing, if we could just clone our kindness.


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