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Shopping List and Ingredients

Banana Cupcakes

1 cup of Water (bottled)
1 overripe Bananas, mashed
1 1/2 cups Flour
1 Teaspoon Baking Powder
1/2 an Egg
1 Teaspoon of Honey

Frosting (optional)

3 oz. Cream Cheese
1 Tablespoon of Plain Yogurt
1 Tablespoon of Honey

1.In a medium bowl, mix cream cheese, yogurt and honey until smooth. Flour can be added to thicken.


1.Preheat oven to 350 degrees.
2.Line a miniature muffin tin with mini cupcake liners.
3.In a medium bowl, combine water, bananas, flour, baking powder, egg and honey. Mix together.
4.Pour into cupcake liners.
5.Bake for about 20 minutes.  Make sure the cupcakes cool completely.
6.Once the cupcakes are cool, frost with cream cheese frosting (optional).


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