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Pet parents and PupSize dogs, around the world, are loving our airline approved pet carrier and we couldn’t be happier. We invite you to watch this short Miso Pup video to see why.

Miso Pup launched in December 2015 and was inspired by the love we have for tiny wet noses and our passion for making their little butts wiggly with happiness.

True to the MISO PUP philosophy, The Miso Pup Interchangeable Pet Carrier delivers a luxury lifestyle experience through it’s thoughtful designs, that captures the essence of modern pet parenting. Our collection of pet carrying outer totes are versatile and are luxurious in functional features- proving to be essential for traveling and toting your PupSize dog in ultimate style and ultimate comfort.




  • nancy silverman
    March 26, 2017

    my dog is 10 lbs – will he fit in your bag comfortably?

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